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Platinum x Gorilla Gloo x Grateful Breath An indica-dominant hybrid, it may have you feeling a little spacey, though, as this strain touches down in the brain first, giving active, sometimes-psychedelic effects. The active buzz settles over time into a relaxing body buzz that will dissolve both stress and pain. A holistic, almost spiritual approach to cannabis informs their methods and has led to a stable of vibrant, clean and powerful strains. All of their offerings are indoor soil grown for the reason that soil is the origin of plant life and they believe it to be integral to plant wellness. Their environmentally controlled cultivation rooms allow them to adapt to the needs of each strain. To deepen their connection and communication with the plant, they always hand water, giving each plant the love she deserves. Flushing their plants with pure water for three weeks not only ensures clean cannabis but also provides the smoothest smoking experience. They carefully trim each strain based on its genetic profile and cure in glass until they reach perfection.

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