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Edibles are becoming a popular method of consuming cannabis and are a nice alternative for those who do not want to smoke. They are discrete, diverse, and can be a great method of medicating if consumed responsibly. They typically offer a higher potency than traditional smoking and are more body-focused, making them a perfect choice for people suffering from pain, nausea, or a lack of appetite.
Vapes are becoming increasingly popular due to their high potencies and ease of use while at home or on the go. Vapes are a perfect way to medicate without having to worry as much about lingering odor and/or the timely prep time needed for consuming flower.
Don't have time to grind and roll your flower? Pre-Rolls are an affordable, convenient, and popular way of medicating. From small to big, light to heavy, we have pre-rolls that will suit any patient's tolerance and preference. Sit back and let us do all the work on this one. Browse now and select what?s right for you!