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Source | 1g Rosin | Spritzer

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We start by hand selecting the best strains from our flower rooms to wash. One week before the plants are normally harvested, the plants are chopped, bucked, and immediately placed in cold storage. By freezing the plants, we preserve the desirable aromas, flavors, and effects that the consumer is looking for. Once frozen, these buds are then washed with water and ice to extract all that delicious resin that is expressed by the plant. We use 90-micron bags during this process to ensure that the best hash possible is produced. What we are looking for is that pure white color. The hash that is collected through this ice water process is then put into a heat press and cold-cured by letting the material sit for a week, allowing the terps to rise to the top. After that, we give the material a good shake before jarring it up for you to enjoy.

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