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Rose Delights | Energy | Congolese Bubblegum

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Rose Delights is known for its hand-crafted, artisan edibles! Rose Delights were unveiled at the 2019 Hall Of Flowers, satisfying a market need for solvent-less, rosin infused, single-strain edibles with thoughtfully sourced ingredients and specially packaged in minimal, biodegradable paper.

If you are looking for a gourmet treat, Rose Delights is it! Rose Delights is a Turkish Delight-style infused edible brand that specializes in seasonal flavors using locally sourced produce.

FLAVOR Fresh-pressed green juice made from apple, spinach, watercress, cucumber, and ginger, infused with 90 phenotype expressions of Congolese Bubblegum grown from seed at our Farm and pressed into a single flower rosin. The source flowers natural profile does the heavy lifting - a lively sativa that is rich in CBG, combined with goji berry, cherry coffee tea, and lions mane for additional brain-boosting benefits and High Energy experience.

FLOWER Infused with Congolese Bubblegum from Rose Farm

EFFECTS Infused using their own rosin, pressed at a low temperature, from full buds of a single strain, Congolese Bubblegum High Energy Delights offer a sativa leaning high that produces a lively effect.

DOSING Each Delight has 5mg of THC, 20 Delights per box.

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