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Maven | 3.5g | Pink Monet

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Sour Sangria x Twisted Cherries

Pink Monet is a buzzy, robust Sativa -dominant hybrid crossed between our prized Sour Sangria and Twisted Cherries. Dark orange pistils veil the surface of these green and purple buds and are coated in a thin layer of crystal clear trichomes, adding a glistening, reddish hue. A deep shade of plum intensifies upon breaking the flower, releasing a mélange of black fruit notes reminiscent of cherries and blackberries, followed by hints of toasted, warm spices. The sugary, floral, velvet smooth exhale balances the tart, zesty flavor that lingers on the tongue, creating a lively sweet and sour profile. Retaining the finest qualities of each parent strain, an instant cerebral uplift stimulates the appetite, focus, and creativity, while slowly progressing into a dreamy, blissful state of tranquility that lasts for hours. This is an intense strain physically and mentally and has numerous therapeutic qualities that can be enjoyed day or night, such as relief from pain, depression, anxiety, insomnia, and inflammation.

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