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Lowell Herb Co. | Bubble Hash | Bruce Banner

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Aroma: A pleasant, spicy, and slightly sweet diesel scent.

Flavor: Bruce Banner presents a candied black pepper and lavender savor with notes of earthy, berry and citrus undertones that are hearty and juicy like fresh-picked strawberries on a warm summer day.

Experience: This strain lives up to being named after the superhero known for his strength! This strain is famous for its high THC. The effects of this strain come on rapidly and pack a hulk-sized cerebral punch. The energy it gives is easily channeled into productivity making this strain a suitable daytime smoke. With OG Kush in its lineage the second wave of this high takes on a more relaxed feel, with more of the clear-headed relaxation that OG Kush is known for.

Terpenes: Beta Caryophyllene, Limonene, Linalool

Genetics: Strawberry Diesel x OG Kush

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