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Chela | 3.5g Jar | NYC Piff

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Aroma: OoooooWeeeee!!!!!!! PUNGENT. The pine HITS like a sugar coated pinecone with an essence of sweet citrus. Immediate nostalgia to a 90s house party; like hearing all the NYC Greats at once.

Appearance: The nugs are thick with large, dark green leaves that look muted under a thick coat of trichomes. The pistils are more of a bronze color and in abundance, with sections of intense clusters

Breakdown: the nugs manage to be sticky and fluffy. The extra large leaves are covered in a coat of trichomes while the pistils stand out like threads of saffron.

Flavor: The pine is prominent and gives a spiciness that isnt overpowering while the sweetness adds a smooth quality.

High: HIGH!!!! Like super high. The haze HITS right away; you can not escape it.

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