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THC Design | 14g BUDS Pouch | Crescendo

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Crescendo is a Sativa-dominant hybrid that lives up to its soaring name. THC Designs unique pheno of Crescendo comes from the winning seed of a batch bred by Ethos Genetics from Denver, Colorado. Featuring the combined powers of a Chem Dawg, I-95, and Mandarin Cookies cross, Crescendo has a very mellow and smooth smoke. The flavor comes straight from its Chem Dawg heritage, with a strong taste of diesel and earth, and a hint of citrus.

Top Terpenes Caryophyllene: Pepper, Spicy, clove. Anti inflammatory, pain relief, anti anxiety

Limonene: Fruity, sweet, citrus. Anti stress, anxiety, anti depressant

Humulene: Spicy, Coriander. Appetite suppressant, antibacterial, anti inflammatory

Small Buds. Big High.

Introducing BUDS by THC Design - top-shelf premium cannabis, only smaller buds at a lower price. Our buds are just like our signature full-size nugs, only smaller. Ideal for consumers who want to purchase in greater quantities without sacrificing quality.

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