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Real Deal Resin | 0.5g Solventless Disposable | A10

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Bred by symbiotic genetics by crossing lemonade to banana punch, this phenotype hunted in-house exhibits purple grape dominance. First impression comes across with grape Fresca flavor notes and settles into a carbonated grape Koolaid essence that creates a balanced and refreshing high.

With nostalgic pop culture art, hash rosin released in small batches and a hyper focus on higher quality, Real Deal Resin is not your average hash making company; they understand the needs of their consumers and patients because they too are connoisseurs themselves. They are built by canna-culture, for canna-culture.

Real Deal Resin believes in small batch or no batch. Each hash rosin drop they release is offered in limited quantity and when they sell out, it is gone forever.

Real Deal Resin is a brand built for the cannabis connoisseur looking for a full flavor profile and high terpene content from their concentrates. Real Deal Resin?s concentrates, edibles and vapes come from single source small-batch farms where the cannabis was grown solely to produce their high quality rosin based products. Their methods stem from dedicated genetic research and unrelenting quality control standards that continue to be the driving force behind this brand.

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