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Philter Phrend

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A friend with weed needs a PHREND indeed!

Meet your new best PHREND. 

The personal filter that eliminates secondhand smoke and smell so that you can consume on your own terms!

How does it work? Just take a hit from your vape, bong, bubbler, etc., and exhale into your PHILTER for no smoke, no smell! You will be left with a good buzz and clean air, which is the textbook definition of a good time.

After 500 exhales, breathe easy knowing that the biodegradable cartridge you dispose of will not add to the growing pile of plastics plaguing our landfills and ecosystems for decades to come: it will biodegrade in under 3 years! The packaging sleeve is even made of seed paper that you can plant to grow wildflowers and support your local bees. From packaging to product, every aspect of the PHREND is either biodegradable, compostable, recyclable or reusable. A PHREND to you and earth!

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