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Nasha | 5-Pack Hash Infused Prerolls | Strawberry Meltshake x Strawberry Banana

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LINEAGE: Strawberry Meltshake x Strawberry Banana

TASTE: Fruity, Sweet, Tropical

FEELING: Relaxed, Euphoric

FARM: Emerald Queen Farms, Alpenglow Farms


CULTIVATION STYLE: Outdoor, Sungrown, Native soil

Made with Strawberry Banana flower grown by Alpenglow Farms and Strawberry Meltshake grown by Emerald Queen Farms.

Strawberry Banana is an Indica-leaning hybrid between two fruity strains: Bubble Gum and Banana Kush with a universally appealing flavor and an easygoing, mellow high.

Cultivated by Alpenglow farms, a certified Dem Pure regenerative farm. Craig and Melanie own and operate Alpenglow Farms, home to fully certified, compliant, organic, and fish-friendly cannabis (and food) cultivation. Alpenglow is equally dedicated to creating high-quality, craft cannabis as it is to enrich the land, water, and air.

Strawberry Meltshake by Pure Melt is a cross of Strawberry Jelly x Strawberries & Cream. It captivates with its creamy strawberry essence. The nose is greeted by a delightful aroma of creamy strawberries, accompanied by a subtle hint of jelly on the finish. Its flavor profile mirrors the lusciousness of a strawberry milkshake, with creamy and soft strawberry notes that linger on the palate. Despite its fruity and sweet nature, Strawberry Meltshake surprises with its potent effects, gradually leading to a calm and relaxed state.

Cultivated by Emerald Queen Farms, where cannabis is produced, the way it should be. Cultivated in the sun, with clean water, organic fertilizer, in native soil. The Emerald Queen sits atop her throne behind the veils of the Redwood Curtain, in the heart of the Emerald Triangle Kingdom. 2021 Emerald Cup Winner 2020 High Times Cannabis Cup Winner.

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