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Level | 0.5g Rosin Cartridge | Lights Out

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Why We Love It:

This rosin vape provides powerful, targeted effects with rapid onset. Delta-9 THC for relaxation, CBN for sleep, and CBG for anxiety. Enjoyable 0.5 gram size maintains flavor of the cannabinoids and terpenoids. LIGHTS OUT tastes great from the first hit to the last. Same formula also available in a Protab+ tablet.

Potency & Dosing:

Compatible with CCELL batteries, which are available here at Airfield Supply Co. Recommended to keep in room temperature environments, as extreme temperatures will damage cartridge and battery. Best experienced at low temperature. 510 ceramic hardware.

A bit about the brand:

LEVEL is a science-driven cannabis company at the forefront of cannabinoid research and innovation that is exploring the possibilities of effects-based cannabis. Our unique formulations deliver an authentic, clean, and functional high that differentiates and elevates the LEVEL experience.

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