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Kikoko | Little Helpers | Sleep Mints

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A heavenly bite to send you to dreamland. With organic PEPPERMINT (a stomach and digestiveaid), ROSE (a stress reliever), CHAMOMILE (a sedative) and BLACKPEPPER EXTRACT(increases absorption of phytochemicals), these mints contain 3 mgs CBN (the cannabinoid that keeps you asleep), 2 mgs THC, and 1 mg Melatonin. Just a touch of melatonin is all you need to awake refreshed!

One SLEEP mint contains 3 mgs of CBN, 2 mgs THC, and 1 mg of Melatonin. 40 mints per package.

Kikokos Little Helpers are Cannabis Infused Botanical Mints that are, microdosed, on-the-go, and discreet. Little Helpers contain microdosed cannabinoids, vitamins and plant adaptogens. 100% recyclable packaging! No plastic.

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