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Farmer and the Felon | 1g Pre-roll | Mac One

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At Farmer and the Felon, we're determined to preserve the countercultural history of the prohibition era while advocating for social justice for the cannabis prisoners in the here-and-now. As industry veterans dedicated to cannabis freedom, we aren't interested in being just another weed brand. We are, Cannabis for Change. By partnering with the Last Prisoner Project, Farmer and the Felon aims to bring restorative justice through the power of cannabis.

Handcrafted using terpene-rich whole flowers, Farmer and the Felon prerolled joints are expertly filled with precisely ground cannabis to ensure an even burn every time.

M.A.C. 1, aka Miracle Alien Cookies, is an Indica leaning Hybrid that was produced by crossing Alien Cookies F2, with Miracle 15 strains. If you can find this strain, you are lucky, since the breeder, Capulator, only allows certain growers to cultivate the M.A.C. 1 strain.

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