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Chela | 3.5g Jar | Grandi Guava

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Grandi Guava is an indica-dominant strain created by Oakland, Californias Grandiflora Genetics. It?s a cross of Guava and Gelato, of which Guava is a phenotype.

?Aroma: Fresh, clean, spicy, subtly sweet guava with a hint of pine.

Appearance: Thick, dense nugs, coated in a layer of trichomes. The orange pistils are extra bright against the green and purple leaves.

Breakdown: The bright green nugs break open to reveal layers of sugar that form sticky resin while the pistils stand out on their own. The leaves remain fluffy.

Flavor: Clean and sweet. Guava is already a delicate flavor but it comes through in the smoke. The pine finish adds a brightness to the overall flavor.

High: Alert Relaxation. Perfect for wake and bake. Energy came on with a gradual ease.

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