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CBX | 3.5g | The Silk

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Strain Name: The Silk

Lineage: Cereal Milk x Kush Mountains pheno # 336

Classification: Hybrid

Effects: Soothing / Relaxing / Euphoric

Primary terpenes: Limonene / Myrcene / Linalool

Strain description: A top level combination of Cereal Milk and Kush Mountains, this exclusive pheno leans into its OG heritage with a strong mix of earth and lemony vapors. These dense, resinous buds display a lovely mix of greens and purples and produces heavy trichome coverage that pairs perfectly with its elevated terpene profile. Notes of chocolate hashish and deep forest kush, this silky smooth smoke hits the lungs and expands your soul. Soothing, relaxing, and euphoric, The Silk is a greasy, Indica leaning Hybrid that is ideal for unwinding the body and mind.

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