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Buddies | 1g Live Resin Cartridge | Sour Diesel

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Beginning with fresh frozen, whole-plant inputs. Uncut live resin with no distillate or cutting agents. Enjoy the full spectrum experience of Buddies Live Resin diamonds and sauce dabs, but with the convenience of your vape device. We developed a proprietary Liquid Diamonds process that brings you uncut live resin, with zero distillate, additives, or non-cannabis adulterants. Always fresh frozen flowers sourced from Buddies Farms or partner farms.

Sour Diesel is a popular sativa cannabis strain known for its invigorating effects and distinctive aroma. The strain's bright green buds and fiery orange pistils create a visually striking appearance, complemented by a generous dusting of trichomes. When consumed, Sour Diesel delivers a burst of energizing euphoria that uplifts the mind and sparks creativity, making it an excellent choice for daytime use. Its aroma is a pungent blend of citrus and diesel, adding to the overall sensory experience. Sour Diesel's reputation as a mood booster and stress reliever has earned it a loyal following among cannabis enthusiasts seeking a spirited and uplifting experience.

Dominant Terpenes : b-Caryophyllene, a-Humulene, b-Myrcene

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